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  • Spiderman Dead Bike Spiderman Dead Bike 10083 plays Spiderman's job is to connect the walls with bridge to save the Bike by falling down and cover a great distance.
  • One must Fall One must Fall 4593 plays In or Out! There's no middle path here. boom straight ahead and give the opponent car a thumping blow. Winner stays on the bridge.
  • The Broken Bridge Hidden Objects The Broken Bridge Hidden Objects 4328 plays Find items in the Broken Bridge.
  • Square Blocks Square Blocks 3958 plays

    This game tests your ability to manage placing these smiling blue boxes in strategic positions for you to reach the cookies. Your aim is to connect brown boxes with your blue boxes and reach the golden cookies where the brown boxes loved to eat. Each level poses different challenges, there are spikes, moving obstacles and many more!

  • FWG Bridge 2 FWG Bridge 2 3848 plays Your goal is to build a bridge to help the creatures cross the chasm. The bridge is built in blueprint mode where you have to create anchor point to build a new bridge piece. Once your bridge is built, test you structures as strange creatures walks safely across it.
  • Leave Me A Clone Leave Me A Clone 3023 plays

    Leave Me A Clone is an exciting puzzle platformer where the player creates clones, solves puzzles and avoids danger!

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